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Keeping memories of loved ones together and more opportunities to find your next stay on Airbnb. These are the apps of the week.


Lalo app aims to preserve your family history by saving memories with friends and relatives. You can do this in the form of voice messages, videos, photos, and text.

You can use Lalo to capture big events like a wedding or a birth from different perspectives. In addition, you can also collect as many memories of a person dear to you as possible. Anything you add in the app is only visible to the people you give it access to.

Lalo is free to use, but in the future you will need to subscribe to get more storage space. Manufacturers also promise not to place ads in the app or sell user data.

Download Lalo for Android or iOS (Free).


Airbnb has rolled out a major update to its app. With this app, you can find places to stay around the world, from rooms in people’s homes to private homes in the most remote places. To find these sites, the search function has been expanded with categories, such as “Beach”, “Luxury”, “Farms” and “Private”.

It is now also possible to split accommodation. If Airbnb can’t find a home for the duration of the vacation, you can receive a proposal to split the nights over multiple homes.

Also new is AirCover, to protect users from scams. For example, the user is offered a refund or a decent replacement if the owner cancels the reservation within a month before the trip, or the property does not match the advertisement or you unexpectedly end up in front of a closed door.

AirCover is free. It also includes a phone number that can always be called if guests feel unsafe.

Download Airbnb for Android or iOS (Free).

Ni no Kuni: Across Worlds

Japanese film studio Studio Ghibli is famous for its animated films such as kidnapped And the Howl’s Moving Castle† In recent years, the studio has also collaborated with game studio Level-5. The result was No no KonicSeries for computers and game consoles.

This series now gets a younger brother for smartphones: across worlds† The game was developed by another developer, Netmarble, but it uses the same catchy Ghibli style as its bigger brothers.

in Ni no Kuni: across worlds The main character is taking part in a test of an experimental game. It goes wrong, and the character ends up in a world ni no konek† There is a battle going on, and as a player you have to help by completing missions and defeating enemies. across worlds It is a relaxing role-playing game with a large world, where there is a lot to discover.

Before diving into the game, it’s good to know across worlds He has some quirks. For example, a game plays better if you let it continue automatically. Sometimes you don’t even have the option to take over the controls, for example when you automatically walk to your tasks. So you can “play on” when your phone is in your pocket, but that’s a technique you just have to love.

In addition, the game is free to play, but many remain unlocked until you decide to spend the money. This is done in this game via Netmarble’s cryptocurrency. So more caution in its place

Download Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds for Android or iOS (Free).

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