Aquasy will remain behind the scenes at Omroep ZWART for the time being entertainment

“You can’t lie about it, you can’t ignore it: lately it’s been more about me in the press than about Omroep ZWART”, Aquase In a video that he and co-founder participate in Gianni Groot Talking about BlackBerry’s plans. “I thought about how I could put my energy, time, effort, and also my talent inside Omroep ZWART and what my role would be to be serious.”

“I came to the conclusion that in the coming period I could simply focus better on creative leadership behind the scenes.” “I think that’s the only thing I have to do,” Aquasey said.

Akuasi was under a magnifying glass again last month after his departure during an interview with the Employers’ Organization in late December. It forced the record makers to delete the recordings and took two laptop computers with it. Aquasey was not happy with the interviewer’s questions about his controversial speech in Dam Square.

The ZWART announcer has already distanced himself from the accident and the rapper has announced that he is considering putting him inside the broadcaster.

Earlier on Monday ZWART submitted the policy plan to the Media Commission. The aspiring broadcaster welcomed 50,000 members at the end of last year, which is enough to become part of the public system.

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