Arben Erbij: Cayman’s Gold was a turning point in gaming for me

Seiko Hashimoto

Seiko Hashimoto (56) is a Japanese former snowboarder and seven-time Olympian. She was appointed as the new chairperson of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee in February this year. On the last Olympic day, she held a press conference about the games and the Wennemars hopes to speak with her. “No, I don’t know Seko personally. She skied before my time. But I remember she was very popular in the Netherlands for all-around tournaments. I think she also won an Olympic medal,” Weinmars says Sunday in RadiOlympia In conversation with broadcasters Jürgen van den Berg and Robert Meader.

On the last day of the Games, Winmars says, the weather is “Dutch weather” in Tokyo. “I’m outside under an umbrella and wearing long pants for the first time. The weather has really turned today. It’s been so hot here for two weeks. Sometimes I thought: This isn’t the temperature to exercise at? Why? Are we here?” said the NOS analyst.

emotional stories

Winners were for the third games in a row keep flying for RadiOlympia. They were very different games than they were in London (2012) and Rio (2016). “This was the most unusual and special game I’ve been through. It made it to nine games in total. It was very special because there were so few people there. I hope games don’t happen again like this.”

The sport was very nice and the performances were great. We often talk about medal standings, but it’s about the stories behind the achievements. And there were a lot of them. Often these stories get surcharges in the full stadium and then the emotions explode, but despite the lack of an audience, I saw a lot of emotions.”

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The most special moments in gaming

When Robbert Meeder asked Wennemars what his most memorable moment in the games was, he returned to the BMX circuit, where Niek Kimmann won the gold. “This was a turning point for me in the Games. Since then, the sport has been central. And that performance also said a lot about what kind of person Nick is. How he won that medal, two days after colliding with the official, and then he immediately went to that guy to see how He was doing.

But we also have other stories of coronavirus cases that weren’t allowed to be shared. I also got a text from (track rider) Lauren Van Rijsen and thought: Girl, girl. She fell very hard and is still in the hospital. “It’s a very intense story,” concludes Winnemars, who will board the plane to the Netherlands on Monday.

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