May 26, 2024


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Archer will soon be ending its 14th season

Archer will soon be ending its 14th season

The popular animated series will end this summer after fourteen years Archer. This was announced by the American channel FXX. Final season for Archer It will start on August 30th.

The first season of Archer It dates back to September 2009. In all those years, the series has managed to gather a very loyal fan base. The first time these fans feared the end of their favorite animated series was at the end of Season 7 in 2016. The final episode of that ended with a photo of the body of protagonist Sterling Archer (H John Benjamin). Float in the pool.


That plot greatly influenced the next three seasons. Those 24 episodes (8 per season) all played out in Archer’s head during his three-year coma. The three seasons are set in three different periods of the last century. Although the regular characters largely return, they often do so in an entirely different role.

Because you can’t endlessly repeat this dream principle, even after the tenth season, many people declared an end Archer He was so close now. But then came the news Archer However, he will return for the eleventh season. In doing so, the makers of the series returned to the old concept of the series. That was also used in seasons 12 and 13. The big difference is that last season was without Mallory Archer. Voice actress Jessica Walter has passed away at the age of 80. Her character also died in the serialization.

Season fourteen

After the thirteenth season, it was quiet again for a while Archer. At the end of January, Chris Parnell, who voices Cyril Figgis, announced that Season 14 was in production. This 14th season has been officially confirmed by FXX. The first two episodes of that final season will air on August 30th.

Where and when last season Archer It will be shown with us, currently unknown. The first thirteen seasons of Archer Currently on Netflix. Release after that was always slightly behind the US. So we will probably have to wait a little longer in Belgium to see how Sterling Archer’s story (and the rest) ends.