Are we now definitively the losers of the brave generations that came before us?

FifthLast week I saw the Queen in the news, in a short article about homeless youth in care in Harlem. The news was that sheltered homeless people were allowed to tell their story of the queen online. First we saw Maxima doing the zoom in with a young woman, then a short interview was offered with that young woman named Aticha; He was kicked out of the house at the age of 17 and has since been fighting an uphill battle for housing. Then the element ended, I thought I heard the echo of a losing battle cry.

The image of the online meeting between a wealthy queen in her palace and Athisha was terrifying. But before I proceed; In this article, I will not delve into the frightening nature of our royal family members, where despite the wealth accumulated over the centuries, they do not feel an ounce of conscience about their exceptional financial position in the constitution. The tax exemptions that only our kings are entitled to are a spear at the heart of the equivalence principle of rule of law and in fact clears Article 1. But we all already know that, I’m going to talk about Athena.

I left Atisha in regarding NOS NewsBroadcast the camera crew to see which room they are allowed to live in at present. Confused like children playing in the snow these days, she walked into the living quarters and said, “That’s it. Little is beautiful. Basin, bed, desk, good view.”

The room – for Hubby Maxima: a step and a half in width and three steps in length – is now all Athena has. During these cold days, she finally had a place to live and cheerfully told Maxima.

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Thinking about the struggle Athena had to fight for that small space, she realized once again that we would never be able to understand life on the basis of art, literature and cinema alone. Sometimes a small, hard-won room tells the best story in a country. A room, the tremendous comfort of the woman being allowed to move into that space, and the queen whose space is not large enough to function as a toilet room on the other side of the connection: the most terrifying episode about the past and about the future of the Netherlands, soon in the cinemas …

On the edge of a precipice, Athena was given a place that would provide her with the simplest human needs in the 21st century, in the land of the richest people in the world and she is now the happiest person on earth.

I don’t know if the NOS journalists were aware of this, but with their report they showed the most moving reality of our time. And that in 1 minute and 5 seconds. A reality in which people today feel so happy in a room measuring 1.5 x 2.5 meters that they are blinded by the great difference between their rooms and the splendor of the Woman’s Palace on the other side of the building. Zoom line.

We have reached the point where young women who are truly cheerful are exhilarated in terms of their location and the accompanying happiness. Did he take away all his dreams? Is the seed planted in Western Europe in the 1960s and 1970s, whose fruits were Social Democracy the most wonderful time humanity has known, completely in the ashes after the neoliberal fire? Shouldn’t we cherish any illusions anymore for the sake of Karim’s presence, and now that people here are not used to anything other than that, can you talk about happiness if you have a roof over your head? Are we now definitively the losers of the brave generations that came before us?

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I looked at this element with Athena and Queen Maxima and couldn’t help but conclude that the victory of big money over the crowd was great. This victory is the blindness with which people see today. As in India, the wealthy man no longer sees the beggar because of the daily repetition of the scene, so here are reports in which a young lady with great joy tells a wealthy queen how happy she is in a room.

People of lost war, divided into bones into religion, sect, nationality, origin and now identity. Living in a room slightly larger than the grave. I forgot long ago what it really is.

Erdal Balsi It is propaganda.

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