Are WhatsApp notifications arriving too late on your Samsung device? This is the solution

Do you notice that the apps on your Samsung phone are immediately disabled as soon as they run in the background? This has to do with the battery saving features that Samsung has listed on the One UI package. Fortunately, this can be modified, in this article we explain how to proceed.

Saving battery power on Samsung phones

Samsung’s software package on Android allows apps to be disabled by default once they are not actively used. With this block, Samsung ensures that the power consumption of the applications is limited. So it’s not a bad measure of a phone’s battery life. However, Battery Saver in One UI can have unwanted effects. Take notifications, for example: some Android apps are restricted to saving battery so they cannot send notifications to the user, or it is just too late.

Another unwanted effect is the way Samsung closes apps instantly as soon as you leave them. After closing an app, the battery saver is applied immediately, which means that the apps have to be loaded again upon restart. Although it usually takes only a few seconds to load apps, it can create irritation if you often have to switch between apps. Fortunately this can be solved, we’ll tell you below how to tackle this in eight steps.

Turn off battery saver

Below we show the steps that apply to One UI 3.0 or higher. Devices with One UI 2.0 or One UI 2.5 may have similar settings – with the same effect – but the location of these settings differs between One UI versions. If you own a device with One UI 2.0 or One UI 2.5, you can probably follow some steps to turn off battery saver.

  1. open it Settings menu
  2. Go to Battery and device maintenance
  3. Click on it battery
  4. Then click Background usage limits
  5. Select on that page Apps that never sleep
  6. Click on it + Icon Top right
  7. Select all apps that do not contain battery saver It can be applied
  8. Click Add To complete the process
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Are WhatsApp notifications arriving too late on your Samsung device?  This is the solution

When selecting apps to “turn off battery saver” keep in mind that this could have a negative impact on battery life. In addition, it might be wise to not bring in apps that you either never use or rarely use. Unless it is important that these apps continue to run, they can drain your battery without benefiting you.

What experiences have you had with battery saving features on your Samsung phone? Are you planning to take a look at the (partial) deactivation of this battery saver, or can’t you really live without it? Be sure to tell us in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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