Are you messy? Then according to science, you are smarter than average

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Intelligence is a very important factor in our daily lives, so it’s no surprise that a lot of research has been done on “smart” people over the years. What are the critical factors? What characteristics can you identify an intelligent person by? Well, it does not turn out that these are the features you would expect.

It’s not always what you think

For example, a study from the University of Minnesota found that smart people are more messy than others and more prone to messing around. This can show up in an exploding office or in food stains on your clothes. By not cleaning things around you, you will boost your creativity, which in turn will be a sign of intelligence. Moreover, you prioritize more important things in life, so that you can spend more time on them.

But there is more. A study by Satoshi Kanazawa and Kaga Berina showed that smart people also go to sleep later. When they relax in bed at night, they get the best ideas, which, of course, they want to work with right away. Finally, a study from Marist College shows that the more you swear, the smarter you are. Swearing is a sign that you have a good command of the language.

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