Argentina deservedly beat Croatia

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Henk Spahn

A9 for Lionel Messi

We can no longer ignore Messi. he can About Jusko GvardiolAnd how. Tracked by Europe’s biggest clubs, the 20-year-old defender has discovered that following Europe’s biggest player takes more than a newfound fame. One match prior, Aki discovers the same thing. At 35 years old, Messi is still at his incomparable best. At the beginning of the match, Messi was without contact for 17 minutes, trying to understand the spaces that the Croats left open for him. They found themselves on the right side as Sosa failed to win a duel and were substituted after just 45 minutes. It took effort, given the comrade Argentina’s hooliganism against the Netherlandswith Messi and Paredes as intellectuals, cherishing sympathy for the winners, so I came out stern: Argentina deserved to win.

Lionel Messi, 35, turned on talented Croatian defender Yusko Gvardiol (20) in the World Cup semi-final.ANP/EPA image

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