Argentina is the world champion in inflation in 2022 (if you don’t count the usual suspects) –

We have included annual inflation figures for a large number of countries. It also looks like Argentina are winning the cup here. The country registered no less than 92.4 percent inflation in November and is thus slightly higher than Turkey at 84.4 percent.

So it is very bad for Argentine savers to keep pesos in the bank or in an old sock. A year later, they could barely afford half of the same batch of paintings. In practice, active street trading in US dollars or other “hard” currencies has developed relatively well.

In Turkey, too, there are major problems with currency depreciation, which makes the EU’s historically high inflation numbers pale in comparison. The Netherlands (9.9 percent) is just below the eurozone average (10.1 percent).

Here is a complete overview of inflation:

Argentina 92.4%
Turkey 84.4%
Russia 12%
Italy 11.8%
Great Britain 10.7%
Eurozone 10.1%
Germany 10%
Netherlands 9.9%
Mexico 7.8%
South Africa 7.4%
United States 7.1%
Spain 6.8%
France 6.2%
Brazil 5.9%
India 5.9%
Indonesia 5.4%
Japan 3.8%
Switzerland 3.0%
China 1.6%

There are countries where annual inflation has reached more extreme levels than in Turkey and Argentina, but these numbers are from a few months ago:

Zimbabwe 269.0%
Lebanon 162.0%
Venezuela 156.0%
Syria 139.0%
Sudan 103.0%

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