Argentine president viral after statement: Brazilians come from the bush

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez has raised the ire of many Twitter users.

Fernandez made the remarkable statement during a working visit by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who has visited Buenos Aires to strengthen ties with the South American country. to write Watchman.


“The Brazilians come from the jungle, and we Argentines come from the ships,” Fernandez said, likely referring to the many European immigrants living in Argentina.

He later apologized for the ruling. The president may have based on the words of Argentine singer Leto Nepea, who sings something similar about Brazilian and Mexican ancestry. Fernandez previously said how much he admires Nabih.

“It was never my intention to offend anyone,” Fernandez wrote on Twitter after the statement went viral. “I apologize.”


In Brazil, the ruling has been food for jokes on social media. Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of the Brazilian president, called the remarks “racist” and criticized Argentina’s economy, which has been in recession since 2018. “The ship is sinking for Argentina,” he wrote on Twitter.

“We are ashamed”

There were also reactions from Argentina. “Excuse us, Mexican and Brazilian friends. On behalf of all Argentines, I apologize. We are ashamed. Please know how much we love you,” one user wrote.

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