Ari Bomsma’s Dissatisfaction: Go to the liquor store, not the gym

“ When I hear this word ‘alternative’ I wonder if in the future we should close the ground again for each variable, every new virus, and keep 1.5 meters away, wait at least a year for vaccines, ” writes the fitness expert in Peaceful Nature. According to Arie, this is not a sustainable solution to a densely populated world, where something like this will happen more and more often.

Rather, he sees the current crisis as an opportunity for change, as “a reset button for the way we live now.” He therefore hopes that nutrition, exercise and mental well-being will become a priority in The Hague from now on. He writes: ‘How do we make sure our government also finds it very strange that fast food chains are open, but yoga schools are closed? Could you go to the liquor store, but not the gymnastics club? And don’t get me wrong, I am happy for the entrepreneurs who can keep the economy running somewhat. It is not a contest.

Many well-known and lesser known followers fully support his position. Jim Bakum writes, “At school, my kids have ‘Ari de Letterkanare’ – well, you’ll get it here. Every letter hits. Isa Hoes also says he agrees with him, as do Jetteke, Lieke van Lexmond, Tess Milne, Sanne Vogel, and Gwen. van Poorten, Kees Tol, Dennis van der Geest, and even OrgelJoke.

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