Arian Hartono from Maple on her way to the world’s top 250 tennis players in Charlottesville, USA

Tennis player Ariane Hartono is doing well in the heavily-occupied professional tournament in Charlottesville, USA. The 25-year-old Mabel made the last sixteen years thanks to beating top-rated American Whitney Oswegoi.

Hartono has done very well on the Tennis World Tour in recent weeks. Meppel’s WTA World Ranking No. 371 has already defeated several players who ranked higher than her in the Poitiers (France) and Manacor (Mallorca, Spain) tournaments and in Bellinzona, Switzerland, and is now continuing that streak in Charlottesville.

The main tournament

Earlier this week, she defeated 260-ranked Kyoka Okamura, and America’s 366th-ranked Emina Piktas, in the $ 60,000 professional tournament in Virginia, one of the strongest tournaments on the WTT circuit.

With this win, Hartono managed to reach the main championship and in the first round was very strong for the talent of 19-year-old Uswigwe. The first set was for Hartono (6-4), and the second for Oswego, who was subsequently injured and forced to concede 4-0 in favor of Hartono.

Beautiful prey

Osuigwe is a good prey, because the American ranks 182nd in the world ranking, making him Hartono’s largest scalp to date. Today, Hartono meets another American, 192-ranked Satia Vickery, in the world ranking in the eighth finals.

However, this match will be over, and Meplus will in any case make another leap in the world rankings thanks to her performance in the United States. This is important, because based on their WTA site, players are accepted into major tournaments. Hartono’s big goal to be able to play WTA tournaments is getting closer and closer. For that higher tier of professional tennis, a place around 250th place is required.

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