Armed robbery company seized half a million Saudi riyals

Five men armed with pistols committed a burglary on Friday at a scrap buying company attached to a home in Nieuw-Charlesburg, Suriname. He stole about 500 thousand Saudi riyals and 25 thousand euros. The Capital Crime Department has arrested four suspects (photo) believed to be involved in the theft.

According to the victim’s statement, customers head to the site daily to offer their junk for sale, leaving the portal of entry open in most cases.

Shortly before the robbery, the victim saw a white-painted car without number plates rolling back into the property. While the workers and family were outside the living quarters and on the property, the five men got out of the car.

After the men got out of the car, they put the workers and family at gunpoint. After that, one of the perpetrators entered the living room and took the cash and some belongings with him.

No one was injured during the robbery. The victim and the workers identified one of the thieves who covered his face with a jacket, as one of the former workers who had worked there before.

Modernization: The preliminary investigation established that the driver of the white-painted car had entered the company’s premises. Five armed men got out of the car, shots were fired and the workers and owners were detained at gunpoint, the Suriname Police Force said.

A large amount of money was seized in Surinamese dollars, euros and US dollars. A few hours after the theft, the 35-year-old Capital Crimes has Enos A; Revelino M. 33 years old; Sean M. 26 years old, Rocky K. was arrested. The 19-year-old.

The four suspects were detained after consulting with the Public Prosecution Office.
The investigation into this case is ongoing.

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