Arne Marit breaks Dutch dominance in National Lockdown Award | Cycling

Iljo Keisse took another road tour in Putte-Kapellen. Together with former Belgian champion Dries de Bondt, she topped the final award poster.

Both offer value for money. After a short night – he decided to participate only at the last minute – Keisse quickly dived into the cockpit of the peloton.

He could not pass an attack. De Bondt was more successful. Halfway through the race, he was aboard a pioneer group of 17 riders.

In the quest, Casey can count on the work of the continental teams Abloc and Tarteletto-Isorex. Just before the last lap, they met the leaders.

A signal for Keisse to clap the whip again. In the last kilometers, he and de Bondt formed a leading group of eight riders.

They couldn’t stay ahead. However, the closing award got its own traditional race.

Arne Marit gave his Topsport team Vlaanderen РBaloise a nice farewell gift (next season he will be racing the Interarché РWanty РGobert). Coen Vermeltfoort had to narrowly surrender on the Belgian-Dutch border.

And Keisse? He came tired in about 30th.

  1. Arne Marit – 167 km at 3h26’14 “
  2. Coen Vermeltfoort (Ned) – Same time
  3. Milan Fritten
  4. Emile Vermeulen
  5. Benjamin Declerc
  6. Sebastian Larsen (No)
  7. Thomas Kubicki (China)
  8. Gil de Heger
  9. Brent van der Eiken
  10. Kobe FanoverShield
  11. Dries de Bundt
  12. Intel Vandevelde
  13. LINERT Rains
  14. Michael Stockman
  15. Tristan Scherbenberg

Iljo Keisse finished 33rd, 9 seconds behind the winner.

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