Around it or in it – Vandenhof – University of Ghent

10-14-2022 to 11-12-2022
Rosier 1, 9000 gent
work hours
Thursday: 2 pm – 6 pm.
Friday: 2 pm – 6 pm
Saturday: 2 pm – 6 pm.

in this book distances around (Espèces d’espaces, 1974) French novelist and philosopher Georges Peric explores the problem of space, and more specifically our understanding of it. “The space of our life is neither continuous, nor infinite, nor homogeneous, nor isotropic.” In order to better understand space, Beric argues, the challenge is not to “reinvent space, … but to question it, or simply read it.” Its subject is not the void, but what is around it or in it:

When nothing stops our gaze, our gaze goes too far. But when he encounters nothing, he sees nothing: he sees only what he encounters: space, that’s what stops the look, what hits the eye: obstacle: brick, corner, vanishing point: space, that’s when there’s the corner, when you stop, when you need to Turning around in a corner so you can move forward.

exhibition around or in Bringing together artists from different geographic and cultural contexts around the question of how much art can contribute to Perek’s attempt to paint and visualize the many spaces and places that characterize our lives. To what extent do art and artists contribute to defining, shaping and owning an image of the world, a world view?

The artists in this gallery are not asked to illustrate Berek’s many observations and guidance, but to contribute works that reflect their experience and understanding of space. The views they offer are as rich as they are diverse: space is seen as a pictorial precision (Paul Bai), presented as a dynamic field defining the relationship between Earth and man (Yukultji Napangati), presented as a product of bodies in motion. toilet symbols (Valérie Mannaerts), appearing as architectural and urban materials (Philip Metten), presented as a social context that includes but also excludes people (Archie Moore), evoked as a space for ritual exchange and dialogue (Elizabeth Diacorur), mobilized by high-tech equipment ( Sarah Oppenheimer), and revealed as a field defined by linguistic codes and administrative regulations (Steve van den Bosch).

Artists: Paul Bay (Australia), Elizabeth Djkoror (Australia), Valerie Manarts (Belgium), Philip Mitten (Belgium), Archie Moore (Australia), Yokoltje Nabangati (Australia), Brian O’Doherty (USA), Sarah Oppenheimer (US) USA)), Steve Van den Bosch (UK)

Exhibition architecture: Guy Chatel (BE)

Curators: Water Davidets (Belgium) and Angela Goddard (Australia)

The exhibition About It or Irene was on display at the Griffith University Art Museum in Brisbane, Australia in 2021.

Round About or Inside is supported by the research project Is Architecture? A History of Modern Concepts, Categories and Practices, funded by the Australian Research Council and the University of Queensland’s School of Architecture/Critical Theory and the History Research Center (ATCH) in collaboration with the University of Ghent.

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