Arrest of three customs officers in the case of intercepting wooden containers at the port

Entrance to Sydney Gaol Harbor in Suriname.

Police arrested two customs officers today in connection with Containers with illegal wood Intercepted at Jules Sedney Haven in Suriname. So far, eight people have been arrested and detained after consulting with the General Prosecution Service in Suriname.

It involved two customs officers, a customs officer, an assistant customs officer, a representative of a company and three employees of the SBB. Six people They were arrested yesterday. Dozens of wooden containers said to have been illegally exported were intercepted at the port.

This was done by SBB in cooperation with the “flying brigade” established by President Chandrikapersad Santokhi last month. Illegal wood was found in the containers which prevented this product from being illegally exported on a large scale.

Update: A third customs officer has been arrested. Acting Attorney General Garcia Paragesingh confirms the arrest of the three customs officers.

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