Arrests of French presidential candidate Zemmour Abroad

According to the police, about 2,200 people gathered in Paris to express their dissatisfaction with the candidacy of the journalist, writer and former media personality for the French presidency. Zemmour, who was twice convicted of inciting racial hatred, announced on Tuesday his intention to “save France” and said many voters no longer recognized their country.

The Paris demonstration was organized by about fifty unions, parties and associations. According to them, there were about 10,000 people. “Zemmour has fled Paris,” said a spokesman for the Solidere union. “It is important to show that we do not allow the outbreak to develop.” In the end, two people were arrested.

Other activists gathered in Villepinte, where Zammour finally gave his speech. 46 protesters were arrested for violating the injunction in force there.

new party

During a speech that lasted about an hour and a half, Zemmour announced the name of his party: Reconquête (Reopen). “If I win this election, it won’t be another change of power, but the restoration of the greatest country in the world,” Trump said as he is sometimes described. He pledged to reduce immigration and cut taxes to the cheers of some 10,000 supporters present. Its motto says: “impossible n’est pas français” (loosely translated: the word impossible is not French), an expression attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte.

During the speech, fighting broke out in the hall and chairs were thrown at activists who stood wearing T-shirts that read “No to Racism”. At least two of them were thrown out of space, bleeding. “We wanted to do a non-violent protest,” said the SOS racism spokesperson who was in charge of the action. “People jumped on them and started beating them.”

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The 63-year-old goes further with his comments on Islam and immigration than Marine Le Pen, who leads the right-wing National Rally party. He noted that Muslims “colonize” his country and suggested banning foreign names such as Muhammad and Kevin. Le Pen accuses him of needlessly causing the split.

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