Arrowverse ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ reveals season 7 trailer

The Legends of Tomorrow reveals the first images of season seven.

The CW is preparing for a long journey into the past. Series The legends of tomorrow in the capital She revealed her first shots of the seventh season.

Filming for the seventh season of the series is still in full swing. It will be a turbulent season, given the era in which things happen: Roaring Twenties! In the past decade, everything seemed to be going well, until suddenly the Great Depression broke out and alcohol was banned in the United States for some time.

stuck in the past
Our heroes in the new season of legends of tomorrow stuck in the past. Their only chance and hope of escape lies in Matt Ryan’s new character, Dr. Gwen Davis.

“It’s more likely that spontaneous things will happen with Dr. Gwen Davies outside of the framework that we’ve set up and that’s very exciting,” Actor Matt Ryan says during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“I wouldn’t say it was more fun to play than John Constantine. John Constantine was great. The timing of when this happened and how, I felt, was perfect to explore something else in a different way.”

You can watch the new trailer below:

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