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American Baron

Barron is a creative storyteller who has redefined the ability to tell stories in just a minute. Barron’s videos are often edited in continuous episodes, and she ruminates on existential questions posed in an eccentric light reminiscent of Wes Anderson. These questions are usually taken up in a written conversation between the characters he plays himself. Through his videos, Barron wants to encourage viewers to reflect on these difficult issues. An example of this is an alien recording a podcast with Barron and talking about the things humans do and love.

Americanbaron © TikTok


‘Paultheatlarist’ is an example that TikTok isn’t just for teens. Retired Paul has over 175,000 followers on his TikTok page. On this page, Paul displays his beautiful art and recommends reading books. One of his favorites is Marcus Zusak’s “Book Thief”.

Paultheatlartist © TikTok


Stokes & Summers is a UK comic duo that turns blockbuster movies into a 60-second release. For example, they put Titanic, The Breakfast club, Mamma Mia and many other blockbusters in a fun short jacket.

Stokesandsummers © TikTok


In this account, many historical and contemporary artists and works of art are identified and explained in a short, accessible way. Nakama approaches the art world critically and dares to ask tough questions. For example, on one of his TikToks, he wonders why art has to be priced so expensive.

Umeboi © TikTok


Devon Rodriguez is an American artist who drew inspiration from the New York subway. For example, he paints and paints the passengers sitting on the subway with him. He makes short videos of his drawing process and posts the result on his account. So if you’re in New York after this pandemic, watch out because who knows, you might be his next topic.

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Devonrodriguezart © TikTok

Ratatouille’s Music

Not an account but a real movement, the Musical Ratatouille. Some TikTok creators thought it was time to get Ratatouille’s classic Disney music. They wrote songs, worked on screenplays, and innovated choreography. On January 1, 2021, the musical was shown digitally for Cast. The lead role was Remy for Tituss Burgess, known for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Another notable name is Adam Lambert, the new Queen’s singer, as the Rat Emil.

Ratatousicalmusical © TikTok

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