Art dealer Jan Six was once again accused of cheating: ‘He’s pure evil’

Jean Six at Hermitage in Amsterdam.  ANP photo
Jan Six at the Hermitage in Amsterdam.ANP photo

Yan Six, who in recent years built a stardom in the art world after discovering Rembrandt, is Norwegian Refugee Council It is called “the outcast in the art world.” Kaplan calls it “pure evil.” “He lied to my face a lot,” said the antique collector. “It is an epic tragedy of the name Jean Six, past and present.”

An unknown art dealer recounts Norwegian Refugee Council He agreed with six on the board The endangered swan Would buy from Jan Asselijn. The proceeds will be split. Later it turns out that Six had bought the work single-handedly. Additionally, Kaplan accuses Six of deceiving him by presenting “two really bad paintings”.


Six was already two years ago by art dealer Sander Beagle Accused of cheating. Bijl is also said to have set an eye on the unknown Rembrandt at the time, but missed it when Six didn’t keep the agreement to buy the artwork together. Beagle claimed that six offered more than the agreed limit and fled with Rembrandt.

Jan Six is ​​a descendant of the famous aristocratic Amsterdam family Six. His predecessor, Jean Six I, was painted by Rembrandt.

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