Artist of the Month Gerard Philipsen

VELP – A new gallery opened last Sunday on the Nieuwe Ruimte, and this time it was up to Artist of the Month Gérard Philipsen, along with three other artists, to fill the gallery space.

The artists and their followers were present at the beginning of the afternoon in the exhibition grounds in Orangstraat. Few visitors can actually enjoy the work of Gérard Philipsen. These were holograms, made from a variety of materials, all as a tribute to his late wife Anas.

In addition to the works of Gerrard, there was also a place for Madeleon Overbeek, Adri van de Bokel and Fred Nepen. Three artists with whom Gerard Kunst formed in Kwartier in the 1990s. An initiative to bring more color to the Arnhem Spijkerkwartier district. A group that has shown how artists can form a unit together and give their living environment more respect, something Nieuwe Ruimte is currently doing in Velp and the surrounding area.

The official opening will be around two o’clock. For this, a procession left for the NPB Church on Dr. Fabioslan, where the opening will take place. The operation was led by Donna, one of the “Ladies of Gerrard”, who was carried away by Eli and Wada. Accompanied by rustles and thumps, and here and there a cry of joy, the procession marched through the streets of Philipp like a Madonna festival in an Italian seaside village. A large flag of the new district closed the procession and was suspended upon arrival at the church.

Donna was placed in a central place in the church, after which visitors entered.

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Ellie Wouda, in place of the absent Rob van Oosten, opened the gallery to a room filled with pleasure by talking about the artists and their shared history. Afterwards there were snacks and drinks and visitors could return in small groups to the exhibition space to enjoy all things beautiful.

In addition to the work of Girard, there are also small paintings by Adre van de Bokel depicting human animals in all their splendor. Additionally, works by Fred Kneppen, and graphic collages and photographs, often from old mugs and other porcelain, are by Madelon Overbeek.

When darkness fell, the church was almost empty, save for a few purists who were still enjoying their last glass of wine. Organizers can take a look at another successful and above all fun opening.

Donna Gallery is open until December 19, every Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00. Submission is free. Oranjestraat 36a in Philipp.

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