As of January 1, a lot of movies and series will disappear on Netflix and other services

A while ago, it became clear that Ziggo Movies & Series XL subscribers could watch very few HBO movies and series. They will be retired from service on January 1. come this HBO Max launch later this year. Thus there are more major changes in land flow.

Netflix will also lose a lot of rights from January 1. Disney+ will now be home to series like Prison Break, 24 in a modern family. WarnerMedia also pulls content from Netflix. full series friends It is the most famous title.

By the way, many Warner Bros. films. It can disappear from Netflix. then think the Lord of the Rings And many more DC superhero movies. It is not yet known when HBO Max will be launched in the Netherlands.

More distribution of movies and series
Prime Video has also been hit. Agreements with NBCUniversal are nearing their end, which means dozens of movies and series will be ported to ViacomCBS’ new Sky Showtime. Think of the necessary Star TrekMovies. Until Sky Showtime arrives in the Netherlands, these movies and series will be stored in Ziggo Movies & Series XL.

It is not clear when the aforementioned and other addresses will be available to the new providers. Newcomers like HBO Max and Disney + in particular will be able to access more content, while Netflix and Prime Video will lose out on content. These services are increasingly dependent on their own assets.

conclusion: For those who stream a lot, you will have to subscribe to streaming services. This will get in the way. The likely result is that the popularity of illegal services is increasing.

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