Asito is the main sponsor of the Olympic curling qualifying tournament

For the curling team, OKT is a unique opportunity to qualify for the 2022 Winter Olympics on home soil. Bob Mulls, General Manager of Asito: “We are delighted that this important international tournament is being held in a country where curling is on the rise., but at the same time there is still a world to win. Curling is still relatively unknown and not highly regarded in the world. Holland.Just like cleaning really is a profession, curling is the best real sport.At Asito we try to give the stage greater and the necessary appreciation.In addition, we think it is great to give curling a place in the heart of our snow loving country and allow more people to experience the fun of it. Many of our colleagues and clients have already experienced how fun and challenging this sport is.”

Qualifiers for Beijing 2022
During the OKT in Leeuwarden, three tickets can be won for a live participation in the Winter Olympics. That would also be a first. Never before has a Dutch curling team qualified for the Winter Games. “We are keen to make OKT with Asito a success, which has resulted in a ticket to Beijing in 2022. Our boys can use all the support and we are happy to contribute to that,” says Mulls.

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