Assault on a 14-year-old girl on a train: “He tried to push my head to his genitals, and I felt very dirty” | abroad

Belgian police are looking for a man suspected of assaulting a 14-year-old girl. On the train from Bruges to Bernim, he tried to push his genitals into a teenager’s mouth. “Since then, I have had nightmares, and I only saw that picture in front of me in the middle of the night,” the victim said in the Flemish investigation program. Farouk.

On Tuesday, March 16th, just after 6 pm, the teenager wants to take the train home from Bruges. I took an extra lesson at school and therefore was a bit late than usual. “My train was already there and I immediately went looking for a place. I was on the phone so I searched for a place to be on my own,” says the girl on the investigation program. Just before leaving the train at 6.34 p.m., camera images show a man in gray uniform walking up the stairs Moving. Say something to the connector and then go in at the rear.

Bare genitals

“He left the train and I saw him walking and looking for a place in the car,” said the victim, who preferred not to be identified. Suddenly he sat next to me for five seconds, but suddenly he was gone again. “Is it going to hurt me or is it just waiting for someone?” I thought it was very strange. Once I had three rows in front of me and I saw him in the window. He stared at me and didn’t feel comfortable, ” the 14-year-old says.

Then the teenager decides to register the guy secretly. “I saw then that he was busy with his pants. He kept looking. When I stopped filming, he came straight to me.” At that point, the suspect had partially removed his pants. “He came to me with his genitals and tried to push my head down.” Fortunately, the girl succeeded in He pushed the man away and walked to another car, screaming and crying.

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The victim testifies about the facts on the Belgian investigation program Farouk. © VTM

The suspect goes the other way and he is lucky that the train stopped in Bernim at that time. Since then it has lost all traces of it. It can still be seen on camera photos at the station. There you can see how the rails are going. The man was photographed for the last time in the yard of the station.

“I felt so dirty. The way he came to me with his genitals … I was in shock and never thought that something like this could happen. The victim says,” I never expected that.


Police distributed camera photos of the man, hoping to track him down. At the time of the events, he was wearing light gray pants, a gray patterned top, and a gray hat. The victim hopes that the perpetrator will be arrested quickly. “I just want to know who he is. Maybe I know him without my knowledge? Since then, I’ve had nightmares and I’ve been a lot more afraid. I wake up in the middle of the night and just see that picture in front of me.”

Police are looking for a man suspected of assaulting a 14-year-old girl on the train.

Police are looking for a man suspected of assaulting a 14-year-old girl on the train. © VTM

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