Assembly started after the farm fire: “You look straight through the empty space”

Although several days have passed since the fire, The remains of the burned farmhouse in Wijdenes are still burning. “It’s a black ruin,” says Frank Tillger. The house where his family lives caught fire on Thursday evening. For this reason, villager Lutania Coester started a fundraiser for the family.

He told Frank last Thursday night that it was a very violent fire. His mother called him and told him that a fire had broken out. At first he thought he would be fine, until he saw flames escaping from the farmhouse. “There is now a tape around the house that says ‘Danger Zone,'” Frank says. “That’s a good thing, because the old part is very unstable.”

His grandmother also lived in the house, behind the part that burned. “The part where she lived is actually still intact. She can, so to speak, go back to her.” Nothing was left of the part where the rest of the family lived. “I see a meter high wall of rubble,” Frank says. They are now living temporarily in another house. “They feel as if their whole lives are over.”


He’s been himself out of the house for a while, but Frank has been fine. “When I walked here yesterday, all kinds of flashbacks, from my youth, came back.” He has a feeling that the village is behind them and this benefits him. “People leave bags of clothes behind. It really is incredibly sweet.”

See below what the farm looks like now. The text continues below the video.

Lutania Coester has been working with great pleasure in The Robin Tea Room, owned by residents and located on the same farm property, for four years now. she is fundraising I started. “They are like family to me. They are lovable people and will always do anything for someone else. Now they deserve it.” I watched the farm burn. “You are now looking straight through the empty space.”

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The group is going well and the villagers are bringing things for the family to Quester. The counter is already over 4,400 euros. She’s so surprised: “I never expected this. I actually brought some stuff and they’re very happy with it.” She says everyone in the family deals with it a little differently, but that awareness is slowly sinking in. “Fortunately they have each other.”

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