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One of the reasons I hear a lot about this is because it makes the room lighter. Iris Floor, creative director of Dutch paint brand Pure & Original, understands this argument. We often think that white represents light and space, but a white surface doesn’t magically create a window. In other words: if there is little or no daylight in the room, you can embrace the shades and create a safe atmosphere by choosing a deeper color palette. By including the ceiling in this, the space gets unity. Then add lighting with a good lighting plan. “

There is also the visual effect that painting the ceiling can give. Susan Otter, well-known designer Embed a TweetHe restored the 350-year-old National Monument and painted the towering ceilings of it. “You can visually lower a high ceiling in a dark color, and add a sense of security, as it were. Our hall is 4.5 meters high, long and narrow. We painted it in dark blue shades, which makes the room now more comfortable. Also consider the effect of the stained ceiling on the lighting: in our hall is a chandelier. Hanging on a white surface, it looks beautiful against the blue. “

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