ASUS ROG will showcase gaming laptops with the 3080 chip on board at CES 2021.

On Tuesday night, we did something “new” on our Twitch channel. New in the sense that, for the first time in Gamekings history, we streamed a presentation by a PC producer live and framed it with a preview and an afterthought. Now that brands like ASUS ROG, HP Omen and MSI are increasingly operating as a kind of PlayStation or Xbox, but with PC / laptop as a ‘console’, the time seemed ripe for us. Thankfully, ROG’s presentation at CES 2021 was short and above all extremely powerful. Because yes, there were specs to hear, but ROG was smart enough to clarify those specs as well (and thus make it more fun) by showing what those specs entailed and how they integrated the hardware into the various gaming laptops that showed up.

Just put the 3080 chip in your laptop, anyway …

It was already clear that a scene was coming. PC game players are currently under the influence of the 3080 video card. Heaven and Earth are moved to obtain this rare power. The small personal computer must have such a card on board. And so it was expected that PC manufacturers would come with gaming laptops as this chip was also in place. But how cool is such an animal. Have you seen these video cards before? ROG can make a really cool and powerful statement during a presentation you can watch in full here. Including the surprise we had in store for Koos and Steven at the end of the ROG presentation.

New ROG @ CES 2021 Laptops in a Row

If you want to take a closer look at the various gaming laptops that were shown Tuesday evening, we have listed all the models including the videos for you. It’s easy.

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ROG Flow X13 technology

ROG XG Mobile Pro

Two 15 FR SE

Zephyrs G 15

Zephyrs G 14


ROG STRIX SCAR, Family Video

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