At Den Bosch, people finally dream of a rugby title again: ‘We can not make a mistake’ | Regional sports

Dukes dares to dream of a national title again. After many difficult years, the Bossche rugby team rejoined the national captain. “Disappointed if we don’t make it to the finals.”

Experts from Australia, Fiji, Tonga and Zimbabwe need to help bring their own players and young talent to the next level and reconnect with the national number one. In 2015 and 2016, the Den Bosch residents lost in the finals of the National Championship. After that, Dukes drowned. In the 2018-2019 season, it still went to the championship pool, but all the matches failed.

Despite the reinforcements, the start of the season was tough. Three of the first four fights were lost, but the puzzle pieces fell into place. Ten wins from the remaining eleven games in the first phase of the season in the league, one of which was discipline and balance.

With this, the Dukes finished third and qualified for the championship pool. “The third is very good,” says Dukes captain Lex Johnson. Despite a bad start, he looks back very positively on the first phase of the season. “I hope you get off to a good start. It’s mentally annoying if it does not work. There were uncertainties in the first game against Harlem (15-7 loss, ed.).

After that, he lost to Brabant Cui (24-3) and Hawkeshe (13-16). ,, After those failures, the team clicked more and more. The deals were clear, we were very compliant with each other, we got more confidence, and we became better rugby players.

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Practice often

The nobles began to practice three times more often than two. “It pays off. Skills like passing and tackling are improving, but our fitness is also improving. Nevertheless, Johnson sees an important point for improvement.” Sometimes it’s mentally debilitating. I do not know why, but there is still progress to be made. How? I hope the coaches have a plan for that. Because on the championship team we can’t relax. We can not go wrong. ”

The Dukes rejoined the top spot, thanks to recruiting professional players such as Wuka Takigakibaw, Zion Fangayuha, Fred Toro and Royal Mavale. “They add value to quality, but also to experience. They show it on the field, for example their technique during training, but also off the field. By showing how they prepare for a match.


We learned to win this season. We mostly played well against the leading teams, but we did not win. Now we do

Lex Johnson

Also returning were veterans Vientiane Brightonbach, Mitch von Durson, Glenn Polens and Aldwin Schroeder. “They played at a high level for many years and they express the Dukes feeling and fight with each other.”

Season International Oliva Sialov switched from DIOK to The Dukes. However, your own youth is also important. This season Milan van Dongen, Mees Voets, Gavin Celi and Huub van Boerdonk made their debut or first attempt.

Sometimes had to say goodbye. Earlier this season, Stephen Siemensky-Klein retired from France. Lars Linnenbank played his last game for The Dukes last weekend. He is leaving for Australia.

Vellak learned

After tough years, the Dukes are back on top this season. For example, it has won against defending national champion DIOK and rival Hilversum, who have not won since 2014. ,, Victory over Hilversam is very important. It showed that we are second to none. We learned to win this season. We mostly played well against the leading teams, but we did not win. Now we do. This gives hope to the championship team.

In that group starting Saturday, March 26th, everyone starts again with zero points. Eight teams clash for two places in the final. The winner of the final is the new national champion. ,, ‘Kui have a great team, but they can’t be defeated. There are six teams that could make it to the finals. I can’t talk about the rest, but I would be disappointed if we didn’t make it to the finals. We must not forget where we came from. We have made great strides. ”

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