At least a dozen flights have departed from Kabul, with the first flight arriving in Paris this afternoon

The evacuation of ambassadors and civilians using military planes from Afghanistan resumed on Tuesday. By noon, at least a dozen military planes had departed from the airport in the capital, Kabul, the AB news agency reported. The evacuations were previously impossible as thousands of people attacked the runways and departure halls after the Taliban captured the capital. At least seven people were killed in the chaos.

Poland and Australia, among other things, take citizens and their Afghan counterparts. The first 45 were collected by France from Kabul. They are heading to an airport in the French capital, Paris, where they will land later on Tuesday, the AFP news agency reported. More flights are scheduled in the coming hours and days to evacuate all French nationals from Afghanistan. France also plans to fly to a military base in the United Arab Emirates.

As part of a withdrawal agreement for US forces signed last year, they agreed that they would not attack foreign forces if the Taliban withdrew. It is unclear whether the agreement applies to employees and their families.

This article is part of our live blog: Criticism of the Cabinet on the activities of the Cabinet in Afghanistan

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