At least four people have been shot dead in mass protests against coup plotters in Sudan

At least four protesters were shot dead during demonstrations against Sudan’s military rulers. So says the Sudan Doctors Committee, which is a gathering of doctors. Dozens were injured.

Thousands demonstrated today again in the capital, Khartoum, and neighboring cities against the country’s military rulers. Security forces fired tear gas to prevent protesters from reaching the presidential palace in Khartoum.

It is the eleventh day of mass demonstrations since the October 25 coup. Then the army overthrew Prime Minister Hamdok, who in November He returned to this position. But according to the protesters, the military still holds the reins of power behind the scenes. They are calling for the military rulers to give up their influence on the government.

bridges closed

As with previous protests, the internet and telephone were shut down. The military closed most of the bridges near the capital. Eyewitnesses told Reuters news agency that protesters are trying to cross these barriers while security forces are deploying tear gas and grenades.

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered on Saturday in Khartoum. Then they managed to reach the presidential palace. Doctors said at least 200 people were infected. Six of them were said to have been shot. Dozens have died in protests since the coup.

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