“At Magnus, you take on a great deal of responsibility very quickly”

Daan Verweij, Reinier Sombeek and Lex Mooij have all worked for Magnus for years, which specializes in technology and digital transformation. In a conversation with Consultancy.nl they talk about their work, how their role has evolved and the great experience they gained in consulting.

About three years ago, Daan and Reinier entered Magnus after completing their studies and first work experience (Reinier). Both have now managed to take the step into a senior advisor. What does this mean for them? The two say “more responsibility, closer collaboration with the client and team under your care on projects”.

However, this development cannot be compared to the path taken by the newbies in the major consulting firms. In large companies, juniors are deployed mainly for operational tasks, and there is less freedom of movement in projects and internally. At Magnus, on the other hand, youngsters are given every opportunity from day one – “or, in fact after preparation” – to think and participate in projects.

“The great thing about Magnus is that you’re involved in everything from day one,” Dan says. “As a junior consultant, you already have the opportunity to be involved in the sales process before a new project or you are involved in deliverables.”

room for development

It is at least important for beginners to have a great deal of confidence and freedom in Magnus. The advisory firm provides its advisors with the necessary support from the outset to prepare them as best as possible for their role as advisors. To get you started, with a wide range of courses to choose from.

Dan explains: “At Magnus you get a chance to follow courses. In addition to the many in-house courses, you can also suggest a course you’d like to follow. For example, I took JavaScript training myself to get better at programming.”

The same is true of Renner, although the development process within Magnus, he says, is mainly characterized by the high participation of his colleagues in these courses. “Personal guidance from colleagues in my development really shines through in the office,” he says.

“All colleagues on the project you are working on, but also outside of it, are open to explaining things, guiding them or otherwise helping you. This help from various aspects ensures that you can develop quickly in various areas and that you understand the importance of also helping colleagues further if necessary” , Add.

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Lex, who was previously active at Deloitte for many years – in his most recent role as Senior Supply Chain Consultant at SAP – has also been at Magnus for about three years now and agrees with his colleagues. “There is a lot of scope for developing your own initiatives, such as developing your own proposal or developing good ideas for our clients.”

“All colleagues on the project you are working on, but also outside of, are open to explaining things, directing them or otherwise helping you”

Various projects

The essence of working as a consultant at Magnus is the diverse tasks being worked on. In recent years, Daan, Lex, and Reinier have been able to contribute to many challenging customer issues.

Dan explains, “I started working for a car auction company, where dozens of used cars are sold every day. The focus here was very much on performance and application design.” He also worked for an insurance company that provided absenteeism insurance to employers. “We created a portal where employers could list their sick employees and benefits were calculated automatically,” Dan explains.

The young consultant currently works for a company that is closely involved in oil and gas production in the Netherlands, but is also actively thinking alongside sustainable alternatives, such as geothermal energy or biogas, for the climate transition. “There are now many developments in this area, which means there is also a lot of demand from the digital engineering that we are building and maintaining,” Dunn says.

Renner can also take a look at the various tasks at Magnus: “My first assignment was with a large construction company, where I developed an application that supports several construction company companies in preparing their annual report quickly and correctly,” Renner says.

Reiner then went on to work for a moving company, where he and his team managed to create a swathe of 11 Mendex apps in 2.5 years. He also helped create a mobile app – “This was one of my highlights.”

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In addition, he also “with great pleasure” performs tasks for a global production company and a car service company. “For the production company, we are currently building an application that is the order gateway for customers and takes care of the entire background process from ordering plasterboard to planning and controlling the saw. A very nice job for which we recently went to Belgium to have a look at the current production process.”

Finally, Reinier is working with the car service company to digitize the billing process for its customers by adapting an existing application. “Then, we will speed up the work and billing process in this app so that customers can receive their bills faster at the counter.”

Lex was active in one of his projects for a large university. “We created a solution in a very short period of time to support a non-standard financial operation. It turned out that the SAP system did not adequately support this and there was a strict deadline in terms of year-end closing,” he explains. Despite the fact that there was very little time and everyone was working from home due to the lockdown, Lex and his team of Magnus with different experiences were still able to deliver just in time. “If you can help your customers in this way, that’s really great.”

Another project he takes great pride in was a project for a great energy manager. “Here you really see the social impact that your work can have in the form of the energy transition. And then suddenly things like a new coalition agreement or the recent sanctions against Russia become directly related to your day-to-day work.”

In addition to customer work, Lex also has a lot of internal responsibility within Magnus. He explains: “At Magnus I work with the ‘Digital Solutions’ team. We focus on providing customized solutions to our customers, and we do this through the low-code platform Mendix…Personally I’m primarily interested in low-code solutions that can be used intelligently to make extensions to standard business software. like SAP.”

My client’s tasks consist of development, project management and sales. In addition, I am one of our team managers and also have a number of internal assignments. Since we have quite a few employee positions (we often do it ourselves), this consists of training / HR for colleagues, operational management (recruitment on projects), recruitment, marketing, etc. All in all, a very diverse job! “

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very nice club

Aside from the diverse project business, the trio describes Magnus as “a great company to work for!” “A lot of young people work there and that is reflected in everything,” Dan says. “Everyone likes to pick things up and be active. As a result, a lot is organized internally (for example, we participate in the Batavierenrace and just have a hackathon).”

Dan adds: “At Magnus, you also get the space to take on a great deal of responsibility. Despite the fact that you may have little or no work experience, you get a chance to think about everything and do it. This allows you to develop very quickly.” .

According to Renner, Magnus distinguishes himself in particular because of the “very pleasant working atmosphere, enthusiastic and interesting colleagues and pleasant outings that we have”. It also refers to the freedom that is given to the employees to do new, fun and innovative things. “This is very fun and motivating,” says Rainier, “and if you have a good idea; go ahead and prove that it delivers value to us or our customers.”

Lex adds to his colleague: “For me, Magnus is a really nice group of people who like to do fun things together. In terms of work, this translates into plenty of room to develop your own initiatives, like developing your own proposal or developing good ideas for our clients.”

Lex also refers to the social activities at Magnus: “Last week we did a Hackathon, where we worked and made several client cases with six bands, with a good party at the end. We also have a number of sports teams and a band and we participate in all kinds of events. (Athletic), fortunately, that’s now possible again. For me, that’s what really sets Magnus apart.”

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