At NK Tegelwippen, millions of tiles must make way for greenery

Outdoor tile, green at: As of today, 40 municipalities are participating in the Dutch Tile Sweeping Championship. The Fun work Governments should encourage the replacement of paving with vegetation, in the form of weeds or plants. The hope is that it will also make individuals think.

“The tiles have a very negative impact on biodiversity,” says TV gardener Lodewijk Hoekstra, one of the faces of the event. “With climate change and urban warming, they are not wanted.” More green spaces prevent, among other things, floods and ensure cooling on hot days.

During the first edition of the event, last year, 95,000 pieces of street and garden tiles were removed. Then the event was a competition between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Additional participants for this year include cities like Utrecht, Groningen and Tilburg, as well as smaller municipalities like Woerden and Zaltbommel. Hoekstra wants to get “several million” tiles off the ground this year.

Will an entire square disappear or will the pavement be excavated? Hoekstra thinks it won’t go this far, but it’s not necessary. “Take the facade gardens, they are” loved “and make sure the residents are included.” In addition, it is beneficial for biological diversity; It makes great use of a network of small green sites. “The many facade gardens, scattered throughout the city, deserve more in this respect than a large green square.”

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