At second glance: Charles calls the Queen

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Queen Elizabeth II: Why would a mummy call out so late at night in a martini moment? You know how laid-back she was after a long day at work for seventy years, right? ”

Charles, Prince of Wales: “Excuse me, Mom, but I’m a little uncomfortable about all these thoughts about the 70 years I’ve been on the throne. They compare you to a rock and me to quicksand. They make terrible predictions about the future of the British monarchy… It’s not really that your health is failing. , is not it? ”

The Queen – “Everything in human life comes to an end, dear 73-year-old boy. There is no explanation if there is no grumbling, which is half the success of the platinum era. The other half is a good cup in the evening and a ring of East Enders or downtown monastery

Charles: “But, dear Mother, they have written that you are one hundred percent irreplaceable, that you possess unique qualities, and that the House of Windsor will not survive the coming succession…”

Queen – no one is irreplaceable, go inspect the cemetery. My eldest son shouldn’t think about succession. A crown prince who is concerned about the succession can abolish himself. Do you know what The Mummy and Philip Mountbatten were saying? We have passed on all the genetic material needed by the heir to the throne, but unfortunately it has spread to several princes. Andrew, Duke of York, has a knack for little thought and no shyness, but his IQ and moral compass leave much to be desired. Charles, Prince of Wales, has brains and moral awareness, but he thinks a lot. He who thinks too much is condemned to doubt. The crown prince’s doubts about his bride put the British monarchy in grave danger a few decades ago.

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Charles: Nowadays I no longer doubt love at all, Mom. I doubt the integrity of 10 Downing Street, this clown is no good. This clown is capable of anything, he knows less shame than our Andrew. He will deal with me as soon as I become king! ”

Queen – Let’s talk about the Prime Minister. With all his actions and affairs, he had already consumed a lot of precious British time and attention. Let’s say the UK gets back all the hours and brain cells it spent on it since 2016! This would propel us at the speed of nations. ignore him. It was unwise to describe his immigration policy as “disgusting”. It is, but it is our job not to say anything about it and to keep this kingdom together. In her platinum reign, the mummy witnessed the deaths of 14 prime ministers. She cannot promise you that she will live forever, but she can promise you that she will stay on the throne long enough to see the current Prime Minister step down.”

Charles: ‘The problem is that many famous historians write that the clown is a symptom of the decline of the beautiful United Kingdom. They write that you are the last person to honor the word “Great” in the name of the country Great Britain, that only you can stop the centrifugal forces, and that Great Britain under your successor will be reduced to Little England. What am I supposed to do when I am on the throne and Scotland and Wales declare their independence and Nigel Farage becomes Prime Minister and Priti Patel announces all journalists from Watchman To be deported to Rwanda? Then there would never be a United Kingdom let’s keep it together! ”

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The Queen: Don’t think too much about it now, son. The mummy’s glass is empty. She wants to go to bed. You will really live for a while in the national interest.

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