At the sight, the neighbor doubled over in laughter.

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Sometimes you make a huge mistake that still leaves you blushing years later, and you better laugh about it, right?

Mary (36): “I was so happy when that happened party theme He succeeded in the community center. I’ve been preparing for weeks George in the woods. Everything and everyone is designed in this theme, including the drawn faces. Satisfied, she takes the train home. My fellow travelers looked at me with raised eyebrows. In the reflection of the window, a tiger stared at me. I forgot to put on makeup.”

New fashion, mom?

Jane (42): “All morning We’re out at eight, and ready to go to school. Bring your bike bags and coats and ride. Always running and flying to be on time. And sometimes something goes wrong. I didn’t notice, but my eldest daughter did: Mom, eh, I don’t know. But why would you wear two different shoes? “

Get out of here

Judith (29): “The smell of chlorine, the dampness of babies’ bodies, the hysterical mothers and the sticky heat. Yet Swimming lesson I want to get out of the locker room as soon as possible. So fast that I usually forget to take off those silly blue slippers. And I only know when other parents stare at me in the canteen.”

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Pajama dress

Anne (28): “I am happy every time I get another bag of girls clothes from a friend. Every now and then I send a picture of my daughter in one of her clothes, like the other one with the text: ‘Back in a beautiful dress to the shelter.’ I immediately got a load of Smiling smileys.This was not a dress, but one dress night dress. nice one.”

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Intimate insight

Yvette (41): “I’m a champion of planning too much in too little time. Going to the toilet and then slipping up every now and then. I recently ran out of my car to the front door, still in my jacket, unbuttoned my pants, and the toilet door was wide open. Before I wanted to sit on my glasses I saw the neighbor looking through the front door window out of the corner of my eye. I doubled over with laughter at the sight of my bare ass. Ten minutes later she came back to borrow an onion.”

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