Atalante Sport from Oud-Beijerland shares a gym and showcases the sports scene in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the stage of the world this summer Jimnastrada 2023; The largest gym and sports show in the world. A popular non-competitive sporting event held every four years with approximately 19,000 active participants from 60 countries. From Sunday 30 July to Saturday 5 August, the 17th edition of this unique global event will take place in Amsterdam, divided into three locations; RAI Amsterdam, Olympic Stadium and Vondelpark.

Dutch delegation
All participants train hard for their performance in the world JimnastradaBut it’s definitely also about the whole experience, the celebrations, and the Olympic sense of pride in representing your country. Sports Atlanta Outside Old Begerland He is part of the Dutch delegation. to Some members of the association They can be seen during, among other things National Night.

National evening and fig party
Two of the highlights during the large-scale event are the National Night and the FIG Gala. On Tuesday the 1st of August during the national evening Presentation by more than 300 sports athletes from the Dutch delegation. They take visitors on An amazing trip through Amsterdam. At the end of the week, three so-called FIG Galas are scheduled. A 90-minute show with performances from 20 countries led by the famous Dutch Musical star W Choreographer Stanley Burleson. Gymnastics and dance Free runningRhythmic gymnastics, acrobatics and jumping. All gymnastics disciplines are covered during these shows at RAI Amsterdam.

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