Athens hot spot: Thousands of Greeks flee wildfire | abroad

The fire mainly threatens the city of Acharnes, one of the largest suburbs. The mayor called on his compatriots on television to leave their homes immediately. The people also received a text message from the Civil Defense. Many residents left their homes in panic. Someone shouted from his car: “Hell is behind us.”

There are reports of people trapped by the flames. Electricity was cut off in several places in the region.

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Elsewhere in the country, firefighters are battling a major fire on the island of Rhodes, forcing residents of several settlements to flee. Meteorologists have warned days ago that fires of this magnitude could erupt as the country remains in the grip of a heat wave that is expected to last all week, with temperatures rising above 40 degrees.

Faripoppi, Athena.

Faripoppi, Athena.

Authorities assume that the risks of fire will remain very high even after the heat wave is over, due to the country’s ongoing drought and expected strong winds.

Meteorologists are already talking about a “historic heat wave”. Municipalities have opened up air-conditioned buildings for those wishing to escape their sweltering homes.

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