Atlanta Braves peak in playoffs and win the World Championship

It’s a simple ball that leads to the last ball Outside of the world championship. Houston Astros hit Yuri Gurel didn’t hit the ball well, allowing Atlanta Braves short Dansby Swanson to pick it up. He tosses it in one fluid motion of his glove to first baseman Freddy Freeman. It is only symbolic that Freeman catches the last ball of the match. He played with the Braves throughout his career, over twelve seasons, but never won a championship.

Finally, Freeman and Atlanta fans should be thinking. After winning 7-0 against the Astros in Game Six, The best of the sevenA streak that made it 4-2, the Braves are Major League Baseball (MLB) champions for only the fourth time in history. Since winning the World Championships in 1995, the Braves have made it to the playoffs 16 times, each to no avail – a record. Until Tuesday evening, when Braves president Terry McGuirk de Commissioner’s Cup At the Astros Stadium. For fans in Atlanta, the party had been going on for quite a while by then.

This year, the Braves once again showed that in baseball, the best team doesn’t always win over the course of a season. They finished first in their league, but with 88 wins, they lost less performance than all 10 teams that made it to the playoffs. But it was precisely in those playoffs that the bravest team was in shape. Partly because it’s completely new Outside Recruited during the regular season, a roster has been created in which a different player always stands up when needed.

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Eddie Rosario, who was still injured when he enlisted in July, was injured Most Valuable Player From the National League Series — the “semifinals” toward the World Championships — after achieving fourteen basis points in six games, including three homeruns. Another temporary signing, Jorge Soler, was named “Player of the Year” from the final series after giving his team the lead in three games with homerun.

Ozzy Albis

Ozhaino ‘Ozzie’ Albies from Curaçao is also an important player with the Braves. The 24-year-old second base officer has been in the starting lineup since 2018 and is known for his good defensive play and ability to hit both the left and right hand – depending on which arm the bowler is throwing. Without playing a leading role in the final series, Albis became the fourth baseball player to hold a Dutch passport, after Ralph Milliard, Xander Bogarts and Kenley Janssen, to win the World Championship.

Brave fans can especially thank their bowlers for winning the championship. The bull barn, the set of shooters that could be brought in during the game, was practically unplayable for opponents in the playoffs. Left-handed bowlers Tyler Matzek and AJ Minter have recently been relegated to lower teams because they couldn’t handle the pressure to perform and threw a lot of wide balls at crucial moments. This is the world championship that they stood with closer Will Smith, the bowler brought in in the last inning to defend the lead, has given up only five runs in six games.

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Hate Astros

Baseball fans in Atlanta aren’t the only ones glad the Astros didn’t manage to win the World Series. The Texas team has been one of the most hated sports teams in the United States since it won the world championships for the first time in 2017 and then became known for its involvement in the cheating scandal in the United States soon.”spy‘ named.

The Astros were found to place additional cameras around the field during home games that season. This allowed them to copy the cues that the opposing team’s bowlers and catchers gave to each other. By rhythmically hitting trash cans into the hole, players pass the balls to each other.

MLB investigated the case, found the allegations justified and suspended coach AJ Hinch and CEO Jeff Luhnow for a year; Severe penalties in a sport where doping offenders and players who deal with the law often escape ban for a few (dozens) matches. In addition, the club was fined $5 million (€4.5 million) and fewer rights to select new young players in the annual league. Project. But the baseball players were spared and the club was allowed to retain the championship, even though a successful 2017 was tarnished forever.

It’s a huge disgrace to a club that would have probably been the strongest team in recent years even without the poor playing. The Astros have reached the playoffs five years in a row and have participated in the World Championships three times. The heart of star players Jose Altove (second base), Carlos Correa (short stopping point), Alex Bregman (third base) and Yuli Gouriel (first base) have been playing together since 2016 and they are the best inferior in MLB and are part of a batting team that scores a lot and often.

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It was reinforced by strong bowlers, who won more than a hundred out of 162 league games for three consecutive seasons (2017-2019), a feat only five teams in history have achieved. But in baseball, it’s not about getting the most wins in a year, as long as you win the last game of the season. And not the Astros, but the brave ones.

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