Australia meets Sweden at the Olympics

Modildas’ rigorous preparations for the Tokyo Olympics continue with the second match for the heavyweight Sweden in Kalmar next month.

After a 5-2 and 5-0 win over Germany and the Netherlands respectively last month, Matildas should move on to test the Swedes, who won silver at the Rio Olympics five years ago and finished third at the Olympics in Rio. Women’s World Cup 2019.

The June 16 fight will be the preliminary preview of what Modilda can expect in Tokyo in July, with the US and New Zealand in the Swedish Australian squad.

“Since we know our competitors in sports, we have quickly turned our attention to ensuring that we are best prepared for the upcoming games,” said Swedish coach Tony Gustafson.

“April gave us a lot of ideas from matches against Germany and the Netherlands.

“We have another big team in Sweden that will challenge us with another team

Style and tactical preparation.

“Our focus is on building our base and preparing the team to perform in Tokyo and we will have a full team in the next exciting phase.

“It’s an experience we have to prepare for the Olympics, so we’re going to embrace it.”

James Johnson, CEO of Australian Football, said it was important to provide Modilda with “the best platform for success”.

“It also includes providing opportunities to play against world-class opponents,” Johnson said.

“This game is a great opportunity for all Australians to support Modildas together and we are investing to make sure they are ready to take part in the first match against New Zealand (on July 21).”

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