Australia prevents people living in India from returning home during the COVID-19 crisis

On the authority of his nephew, he said, “He is very sad.” “There is no way to go further.”

Neha Chandu, an Australian citizen who was able to return home from India in June, said in addition to Ms. Dillon’s daughter, many orphans have been affected by the ban, many of whom are now unable to visit relatives in India.

“This is completely inhumane,” Ms Chandu said, leading a Facebook group of more than 17,000 followers to those trapped in India.

Australian officials, however, argued that the move was based on an assessment of public health risks. Paul Kelly, Australia’s chief medical officer, said the ban was temporary and would be lifted on May 15.

M.S. of the Lowe Institute. Qassam said the denial of the right to return to Australians in India was the first major test of a policy that most Australians had quietly accepted. When it came to details I wondered if Australians would still be liked.

“Australians have traditionally supported strict border controls, although these questions have never been asked in relation to their own citizens,” he said. “The idea of ​​an Australian fort is politically popular, but it has not been tested in terms of blaming the public for returning home.”

Damien’s Cave I mentioned from Sydney, Australia Livia Albeck Rebecca From Melbourne, Australia.

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