Australia receives French bill to cancel submarine connection

The French Defense Joint Naval Group announced that a “detailed” expenditure report would be sent to Australians within weeks.

Australia entered into agreements in 2016 to purchase twelve submarines from the Navy Group. The so-called deal of this century involves 31 billion euros. Australia later complained of delays and high costs.

The Australians withdrew from the program after secret talks with the United States and the United Kingdom. All three countries have entered into a new alliance that would make the purchase of French submarines unnecessary.

France responded angrily and talked about being stabbed in the back. Pierre Eric Pommellet, chief executive of the Navy Group, told the newspaper that the costs incurred by Le Figaro would be recovered from the Australians. He said his company was also surprised by the agreement between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Pommellet concluded that his company was clearly not at fault as the Australians abruptly decided to withdraw from the billion-dollar deal. He said the agreement includes provisions on how to deal with such a situation.

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France lost more than 30 billion euros due to the canceled submarine deal

Fighting is more between France and the United States, England and Australia than submarines. Paris is sidelined in the high-tension region of East Asia.

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