Australia settles $ 555 million lawsuit over canceled French submarines

The Australian government has reached a settlement with the French shipbuilding navy over a controversial case involving the cancellation of an order for submarines for the Australian navy.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese, who recently became Australia’s prime minister, has announced that Australia will pay 555 million euros to the French Security Council. At a press conference, he called the Albanian immigration “just and appropriate” and said he hoped his country could now restore ties with France.

His predecessor, Conservative Scott Morrison, insulted the French in September last year by canceling a more than $ 40 billion order for the French corporation’s regular submarines. This order was already placed in 2016.

Instead, the Australian government formed the AUKUS alliance with the United States and the United Kingdom to unite against the Chinese uprising in the Pacific. Part of that new deal was an order from the United States for new nuclear submarines.

Insults and lies

The French government has reacted angrily to Australian action, including the withdrawal of its ambassadors from the United States and Australia. Former Foreign Minister Le Drian spoke of the “unacceptable behavior” of those countries, accusing them of contempt and lies in a television interview.

No French government official has yet commented on the new solution, but the Prime Minister said he hoped Albania would continue to co-operate as usual: “We deeply appreciate France’s role and serious involvement in the Indo – Pacific region.” “Given the challenges in the region, it is imperative that we reaffirm our common policies and interests.”

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