Australia wins first ‘URA Vision Award’ for most notable Eurovision costume –

Australia won a new victory You have a vision awardAccording to Eurovision fans, Shelton Riley, a participant in the last Eurovision song contest, wore the most notable outfit. The You have a vision award Eurovision Song Contest celebrates inspiring diversity and creativity.

Sheldon Riley finished 15th at the last Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. He sang his song Not the same In a striking and dazzling white dress, according to the singer himself 40 kg Weigh. According to voting Eurovision fans, the costume selection was good enough to look fresh and positive You have a Vision Award 2022 To win. Australia beat Spain and Norway by two and three, respectively. San Marino fell out of the first three places.

Full first three:

  1. Australia
  2. Spain
  3. Norway

Newly issued on April 29, 2022 You have a vision award Announced. Striking costumes, dresses, outfits and other creations will always be an important part of the magic of the song contest forever. Sometimes as an artist you take risks and accidentally stand alone or attract attention with dazzling clothing choices. The You have a vision award Keep that up Promotes diversity and creativity In flowers.

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