Australian Grand Prix Weather Forecast: Warmer Temperatures With More Chance of Rain


The Australian Grand Prix next weekend will take place in warm, but humid conditions. The temperature will reach 25 degrees Celsius and the chance of rain is 54 percent.

The Australian Grand Prix has not been held for the past two years due to an epidemic, but has finally come back. The racing weekend ends at the Albert Park Street Circuit around the street in Melbourne. The route is 5.303 km long and has 16 turns. The street roundabout is a roundabout of a temporary nature, so there are some bumps on the road surface. In addition, there is significant Track evolution. On Friday, the lane will still be slippery, meaning drivers will have little grip. However, as the sessions progress, more rubber is placed on the track, which gives drivers more and more grip.

Weather Forecast Australian Grand Prix

Friday will be mostly sunny in Melbourne according to the latest weather forecast. Daytime temperatures can reach a maximum of 24 degrees Celsius, with a chance of light winds and rain. Saturday will be slightly warmer, with a maximum of 26 degrees Celsius and a 7 percent chance of rain. On Grand Prix Sunday, it’s still hot. The temperature will rise to 25 degrees Celsius on that day, but there will be significant clouds. During the day, the chance of rain increases further, up to 54%. So wet racing can take place over the weekend.

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