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Not every animal likes a photo shoot. Geographer and writer Lance Carlson witnessed this during his vacation in Western Australia. There he was troubled by an aggressive octopus. The animal struck him three times, leaving Carlson with some red welds on his skin.

Lance Carlson was on vacation in Western Australia with his family and decided to swim in the geographical bay with his two-year-old daughter. In the water he thought he saw the tail of a stingray. As he approached, Carlson discovered that it was an octopus. The geologist quickly made video of the animal, but he did not want it to be clear: “The octopus hit us, it was a real shock,” Carlson told Reuters news agency.

Fortunately, the terrible sea creature could not attack anyone at that time. The octopus was ready for revenge: when Carlson went into the water shortly after to dig up the crab shells, the sea creature revealed its best attacking techniques. He hit the geographer on the neck, upper back and arms.

“My snorkel glasses came on, the water was suddenly cloudy, I remember the shock and confusion,” Carlson says. “I knew vinegar would help sea sticks, but I didn’t have it at the time.” That’s why the person poured coke into his wounds. “That too is an acid, it helps.”

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“Octopuses are wonderful creatures, and they clearly have some strong emotions just like humans,” Carlson added.

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