Australian police: Russian hackers behind attack on health insurance company Technique

Australian police said on Friday that Russian hackers were behind a cyber attack on Australian health insurance company Medibank. Hackers managed to obtain the data of nearly ten million people last month, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Australian Police Commissioner Reese Kershaw said the hack was carried out by a group of cybercriminals from Russia. According to Kershaw, the “loosely associated group” was also behind major cyber attacks in other countries. Australia says it is contacting the Russian authorities.

Earlier this week, hackers released personal information about policyholders, including information about abortions. The hackers decided to do so after Medibank refused to pay a ransom of $10 million (€9.82 million).

A cyberattack is having a huge impact in Australia. Former tennis champion Todd Woodbridge, who is recovering from heart surgery, said BBC News He was harassed by crooks after he was leaked at the hospital where he was being treated.

Medibank CEO David Koczkaro is asking people not to look for information. According to him, insured persons may be discouraged from seeking medical help.

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