Australia’s first conviction for climbing the sacred rock of Uluru

Despite its remote location, the massive rock formation is one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. A climbing ban has been in place since 2019 as the site is sacred to Indigenous Australians. Getting closer to the rock led to an influx of tourists at that time. Thousands of people wanted to climb Uluru at the last minute.

The 44-year-old Australian experienced the new climbing ban being enforced. An Alice Springs court found him trespassing. The man was fined 2,500 Australian dollars (approximately 1,700 euros).

Parks Australia’s public service welcomed the decision and said it takes the protection of sacred sites seriously. There will be regular patrols to prevent visitors from trying to sneak up on Uluru.

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The tribes have their way: tourists are no longer allowed to climb the sacred rock of Uluru

Uluru, an Australian rock formation also known as Ayers Rock, will be closed to climbers. The rock formation is a tribute to the sacred tribal people. “It’s a very important place.”

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