Australia’s most successful baseball team pays players in bitcoin

Perth Heat, the Australian baseball team, now offers players and staff the option to pay their salaries in bitcoin. “This is the first time a sports club has decided to go fully into Bitcoin standards,” CEO Steven Nelkowski told The Guardian Australia.

It does not just stay with players, as the club plans to keep bitcoin on its balance sheet and slowly move up to the bitcoin standard.

Players have freedom

Players do not have to get their full salary in Bitcoin. They can simply choose to get Australian dollars or a portion of Bitcoin.

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“We give players the freedom to decide what is best for their unique situation. The whole process is more like Bitcoin than the traditional payment system,” Nelkowski said.

The club does not need the permission of the National Association to switch to the Bitcoin standard. But even if that permission was needed, Nelkowski said it would have worked because Baseball Australia supported Perth Heat’s decision.

Perth Heat moves to a bitcoin standard

It is a mistake for anyone to think that this is only one method of Perth Heat. There seem to be real Bitcoin zealots at the helm of the club who firmly believe in the quality of Bitcoin.

For example, the club has engaged chief Bitcoin official Patrick O’Sullivan. “It’s not a one-time purchase to protect us from inflation.

Through this, Perth Heat became the first sports club in the world to completely change the standard of Bitcoin. Players of the Sacramento Kings basketball team can choose to receive their salary in bitcoin.

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In addition, it was announced today that the Houston Rockets basketball club has a sponsorship agreement with NYDIG and will leave the bitcoin they receive on its balance sheet. It is gratifying to see how Bitcoin is slowly but surely creeping into the game world.

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