Automatically sort and pack apples

A combination of 2 advanced robotic technologies that drastically reduce labor demand in processing plants was demonstrated for the first time in Bolzano, Italy on November 17. Global Pack Technologies introduced its Aporo(TM), a robotic apple baker and recently the Garden Optimization Robot (COR) at Interpoma.

Aboro Designed and manufactured in New Zealand by Robotics Plus, the packer was launched in 2018 with the aim of reducing the labor required to place fruit on trays. But how to easily get full plates into boxes? Van Doren Sales, headquartered in the US, took up the challenge and after several attempts, COR has been extensively tested worldwide and is now ready for launch.

Aporo II and COR in Interpoma

At the time and COR are modular devices, both designed to be placed together in a baghouse. By combining the two devices, there is no labor required to place fruits on trays and trays on boxes. “It means that bakehouses can shift their workers to value-adding tasks rather than repetitive tasks,” said Cameron McGuinness, director of Global Bake Technologies, which distributes both robots around the world. Together, the two technologies can pack at least 1 box per minute per belt, or 2 boxes per double belt, without manual labor.

“Our business is driven by our customers. We listen to their pain points and we look for solutions,” Cameron added. “Depending on the type of product and the configuration of the packing station, the combination of these 2 technologies can reduce up to 6 employees per double belt, which is a big win for the customer.”

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