Av Brandt Corstius felt an eerie atmosphere in Loretta during coffee time

When asked Mark Marie F how she liked the atmosphere at the table coffee timeShe gave a surprising answer: “I thought he was a little offensive.” Something that makes Marc Marie amazed. “He was mainly targeting me, not towards you. I also heard it from two people who saw him.”

The position of Lieutenant Colonel Loretta Shriver was particularly hostile to Av. “You have an opinion on everything,” said Loretta. For example about staying. I really don’t want that, “says Aaf.

Then I thought: Well, fair enoughBut then Loretta brought it up again: “Aaf’s opinion, as if you’ve ever waited for it,” said Af. At first the journalist thought she had once written a spicy article about Loretta. That wasn’t quite right.

Later, when she analyzes the show again with her husband Giggs, Av finds out why the vibes are hostile. “There was a low pot on the table and I said I thought those flowers were very strange. Then she said, a little angry,“ This is part of the branding of the program, ”Aaf explains.“ Then Giggs said, ‘Maybe I offended her without realizing it.’

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