Avatar hits record for most hits after re-release in China | Now

Avatar It has been the most successful cinema film of all time since this week. Due to its re-release in China, the 2009 film takes the record back Avengers: Endcom, Reports Deadline.

The difference in revenue between the two films is about $ 7.8 million (.5 6.5 million). That is the hole Avatar Poetry now. In total, James Cameron’s film grossed 79 2.798 billion (26 2.26 billion). Avengers: Endcom 79 from 2017 brought in $ 2.797 billion.

Cameron has been working on a series of consecutive years Avatar. Second Picture Dec.

Last year, filming for the second film resumed in New Zealand at the end of the summer. Actors, including director Cameron and Kate Winslet, Sam Worthington and Jose Saldana, had to be given special permission to enter the country because the borders were closed.

Not much is known about the plot of the new films. The actors had previously announced that they did not know the whole story because they would only watch certain parts of the script.

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